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Beth Dow, Keith Taylor and old processes

I noticed today there have been a couple of Beth Dow’s images up on Flak.  For those that don’t know Dow won the book prize on offer from Blurb this year with a series entitled In the Garden that presents a series of visages of man’s encroachment upon nature.  You can see the series on her site here: Beth Dow.  My interest in the work is pretty obvious to anyone who has been paying attention but what with the reading into the concepts of Imagined Geographies and historical and culture depictions I have been doing for my MA, I find Dow’s use of Platinum printing fascinating.  Think of the my current work dealing with the expansion of the ultra modern and artificial into the natural and how this would look presented as prints visually familiar to those early photographs from travelling Victorian tourist photographers.

There are a lot more details on contemporary use of old processes -today utilising digital technologies interestingly, on Keith Taylor’s website.  Taylor did Dow’s printing as well as apparently undergoes work for a range of photographers from Eve Arnold through to Mario Testino.  I’d be interested to know what Arnold work he prints because I know Glen Brent was doing all of her printing up until at least a few years ago, but I’m not sure if Brent uses any old processes.

Manchester Photography

Manchester Photography is a blog I have been reading lately that I think I came across looking for more information on Steffi Klenz.  It is run by a photographer called Mark Page and is a witty, typically northern look at contemporary photography in Britain and his work reminds me of that of photographers such as Stephen Gill who i remain a firm fan.

Anyway, Page’s posts have led me to a few other blogs as well which I will stick the links up for shortly.

Manchester Photography